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When most people think of the word millionaire, they think of people with money, luck, are very smart, and/or well-connected. The truth is, these can all apply, but the smart part is not necessarily something you have to be born with. In fact, many millionaires are not geniuses at all; they just have a millionaire mindset. What if I told you, you could learn how to have this mindset yourself, would it strike any curiosity? I would like to introduce you to something called, “The Millionaire’s Brain Academy.”


What Good Is a Millionaire’s Brain Academy?

millionaire mind I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t have a millionaire brain. I’m just an average Joe.” First off, by saying this very statement, you are automatically settling for a mediocre life you CLEARLY don’t want! I know that, because you are reading this review! There are very few things we are born with. Nearly everything we develop as we grow. Was Michael Jordan born with a basketball in his hand? Was chef Gordon Ramsey born a world-class chef? The answer, of course, is no…


As of 2014, there were some 12-15 million millionaires around the world. Let that reality sink in for a moment. That includes nearly 10 million people in America alone. That is a lot of people. That list is growing by the day. We literally live in a world with limitless possibilities. The question isn’t, why am I not a millionaire, but what did they do to become a millionaire? They probably didn’t win the lottery, rob a bank, or have a rich grandfather that left them with millions. The real separation lies in the millionaire mindset.


The millionaire mind is not bigger, denser, or special in any sort of way. It merely thinks differently. Think of it this way: would you think differently if you had a house, car, and a stable job, as opposed to a guy that lives on the street and begs for food? Probably. You make different decisions and think about things you have to do differently. The Millionaire’s Brain Academy will teach you the rudimentary secrets of the millionaire mind and provide you with all the resources you need to make the wealth revolution happen in your life.

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What IS The Millionaire’s Brain Academy?

The Millionaire’s Brain Academy


The Millionaire’s Brain Academy is a 127-page manual with 7 chapters filled with bite-sized concepts that will enlighten your financially-challenged brain. Since it’s focused on the brain, the Millionaire’s Brain Academy will focus on teaching you the principles of what separates the Millionaire brain from the rest. Let’s go over what the various chapters are, shall we?


Chapter 1: The Master of Your Destiny

It’s no secret. The majority of people focus on the stuff that happens to them. The millionaire takes 100% responsibility for everything in their life. Instead of pointing fingers and blaming everything else for their problems, they create their own circumstances by adopting a love it or leave it mentality. Of course, this is easier said than done. The first chapter will show you how to be the master of your own destiny, and uncover your true purpose.


Chapter 2: Reboot and Reshape Your Brain For Wealth

When your computer gets bogged down and starts lagging, what is the first thing you do? You reboot it! This chapter will teach you how to hit that proverbial reset button and refresh your bitrate! Not sure if bitrate applies here, but it sounded kind of cool. Perhaps it’s a neuron bitrate? You tell me! One of the bonuses you get with the course will actually help you with this chapter (more info later on).


Chapter 3: Believe it To Live it

If you are into the Personal Growth and Self-Help niches, than you are familiar with the concept millionaire mindsetof telling your story. If not, then that’s great! You are about to learn in Millionaire’s Brain Academy! You will learn how to come up with a specific vision of your ideal life. When you talk about this vision, you will speak of it in the present tense. The subconscious brain cannot lie and will start to form this life for you while you sleep! Pretty cool…


Chapter 4: Getting Started on Your Road to Riches

This chapter will teach you how to harness desire to achieve wealth creation. You will also learn about specific wealth recipes to create wealth and the various ingredients/factors that may contribute to the speed and ease of your wealth generation. If you are determined to achieve financial freedom, then there is a recipe for you!


Chapter 5: Drop the Excess Baggage

When I read the Four Hour Workweek, it was the first time I had ever really heard of elimination actually providing more, but now that I am aware of the concept, I see it everywhere! Just like a pack-rat getting rid of clutter will have more space in his/her house, so will the person who wants to achieve a life of abundance! Chances are, you have negative influences in your life that are holding you back. This chapter will teach you how to identify them and eliminate them.


Chapter 6: Transformation Through Trauma

We’ve all had bad experiences, whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a bad accident, bankruptcy, secrets of the millionaire mindheartbreak, or a devastating injury that limited us physically. These experiences are often seen as horrific and viewed as curses cast by a vengeful universe. The truth is, these events are usually a wake-up call of sorts to jolt us into the people we were meant to become. This chapter will explain how we can harness our personal trials, and use them to strengthen our character and resolve.


Chapter 7: Never Fear to Pull the Trigger

People have a lot of fears when it comes to success and/or failure, but this chapter hits it right on the head in a semi-brutal way: the only way to achieve your dreams is to take action. While you can have some of the best ideas and goals ever conceived, you won’t actually turn any of those ideas into reality if you follow the action steps you outlined in your planning phase. This is the final step in becoming a millionaire. It is extremely simple, yet oh so difficult.

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